What can you make with a 3D printer?

3D printing is now extensively accessible all over the world.It is quite easier to use with the help of new advanced printing materials and 3D-print designs. A person can make a wider range of applications with it. The first 3D printer was invented in the year 1983 by Mr Chuck Hull. At that time, no one has ever thinks that this 3D printer will become an important part of every phase of field i.e. either science field or an art field.

In the past 33 years, technology has improved a lot in relation to the scope as well as the usefulness of the 3D-printed objects. However, this technology is still very expensive and less effective as compared to the traditional method of manufacturing.

What can you make with a 3D printer

Few Amazing Things You Can Create With A 3D Printer

If we kept aside the small shortcomings of the 3D printers, then it has already come very far from its starting point of the raceWith the changing time and the technology, now 3D printers can print several other things which we used to imagine in our dreams. Some of the innovative 3D objects that we can make with the help of 3D printing are as follows:

  • Camera and its Lenses

Now you can do 3D printing of a completely handy SLR camera in only 16 hours. It will cost around 32 dollars along with its accessories. The assembling of all the parts of the camera will take an additional one hour. This camera will be capable of clicking quality photographs and is also well-suited with any type of lens. Besides the 3D printing of camera, you can also print the lens.

However, the quality of the photographs taken by this camera does not match up the general cameras. But, still it offers you some exceptional effects and feeling.

  • Sculptures

With the help of a 3D printer, now you can also make some spectacular portraits, busts or statues. You can surprise your friends and relatives by offering them their sculptures or statues as a gift. Earlier, these types of things were not easily possible but now owing to the invention of a 3D printer these things are easily conceivable.

  • Customized motorcycle

Several people are fond of getting their bikes or motorcycles customized i.e. they need some stylish structural changes in their vehicles. A 3D printing is a boon to them as it can help them in making their bike’s plastic flask guard, modified regulator covers, the motorcycle carrying knob, etc. It not only enhances the look of their bikes but also make them look different among the others with their motorcycles.

  • Musical Instruments

You can also make musical instruments like flutes, guitars, violins, etc with the 3D printers. However, these instruments are not of professional quality but these objects are quite amazing to use. Several researchers are trying to design and print an instrument like a multi-pipe metal made trumpet that can benefit people a lot in their musical field.

  • Accessories of the gadgets

A 3D printer is also very useful for creating different types of accessories of the gadgets. It not only provides beauty to the accessories but also makes the device look elegant. Some of the examples are multi-purpose cell phone cases, mobile phones stand, wall mount charging stand, etc.

  • Bird-houses

People who are fond of birds always want them to provide a comfortable home. It is a very difficult task to build a birdhouse for accommodating birds. However, now with a 3D printer, you can easily make a birdhouse and can provide a comfy habitat for little birds in a trendy way.

  • Cell phone Speakers

Not a single person really relishes the sound quality of their mobile speakers. Mobile phones are convenient to carry and very useful while sharing audios and videos with friends. But when you are out on a camp or a trip then you will always wish to have amplifiers with you. Now, this dream can be easily fulfilled with the help of 3D printers as these printers also aids in creating amplifiers with superb quality.

Besides the above list of things, you can also make toys, puppets and dolls for your kids. However, this list is never-ending as 3D printers are benefiting in all different fields related to the lives of people.