ThingMaker 3D Printer Review

Autodesk ThingMaker 3D PrinterThingMaker 3D Printer Review – Best 3D Printer for Kids. A person can never imagine having a 3D printer in his/her home. But this is not possible and a person can afford to buy a 3D printer for their household. Here we are talking about ThingMaker 3D Printer.

This 3D printer is the product of the company named “Mattel”. Autodesk creates printing toys and ornament’s snap. The 3D printer is the first constructed by keeping kids in the mind. Due to this, the company has got the chance of being in a mainstream and also brings the entire consumer industry along with them. In addition, Mattel unveiled at New York toy fair, and immediately drew a lot of interest. Mattel ThingMakers lets kids build toys like flowers or “Creepy Crawlers” by pouring a liquid, plastic-like material called Plastigoop into molds. In addition, 3D printed parts are fabricated batch by batch and then assembled as they snap together.

There are definitely various infinite designs that kids can create just by expending their thoughts and Mattel’s existing design patterns. The ThingMaker 3D Printer uses a PLA malleable filament which is a prevalent resource used in maximum saleable 3D printers.

Benefits of the ThingMaker 3D Printer to the kids

The famous company named “Mattel” is getting more super innovative in the current year by providing additional sovereignty to the toy professionals of the whole world i.e. kids. Recently at the New York Toy exhibition show, the company declared its new 3D printer–ThingMaker. It is a 3D printer worth $300 which will allow the children to create their personal toys. So, following are some features of this product:

  • The 3D printer works in unification with a 3D printing application known as ThingMaker Design. This app made in alliance with the software firm Autodesk.
  • This 3D printer for kids is as stress-free as probable for children to use and they can also do any experiment with it.ThingMaker 3D Printer
  • This 3D printer is available for all versions of Android OS as well as iOS.
  • The Design application of this 3D printer has patterns for kids whom they can use while making any kind of toy, for example, sculptures, puppets, rings, and ornaments.
  • Kids also become capable to design their toys easily, as soon as they feel at ease with the printer’s software.
  • All the toys might modify with diverse colors and surfaces.This 3D printer prints out fragments of every toy so that the kids can accumulate them alone.
  • This 3D printer allows the kids to transfer fluid plastic into the toy molds so that they can heat them later in the oven to build statuettes.

Advantages of using a ThingMaker 3D printer

Following are some advantages of this 3D printer:

  • This 3D printer for kids has tried to syndicate an easy-to-use application experience along with the printer.
  • The parents of the kids will find this product quite affordable and the cost of printing is also less.
  • ThingMaker 3D PrinterThe exceptional features of the ThingMaker 3D printer have made it quite appropriate for children. It is not like the usual 3D printer.
  •  Easy to access.
  • It also possesses an auto-bolting door which remains stay locked till the toy comeback at a harmless temperature.
  • The hot print crown is also retracted into a break so that it cannot burn the little fingers of the kids while doing 3D printing of the toys.

Disadvantages of usingThingMaker 3D printer

Besides the advantages, there are some disadvantages of this product also:

  • The most important limitation is the time taken by the printer to print toys. Normal printed objects take around 12 hours.Therefore, the children patient required during the printing process.
  • The currently available designs consist of a collection of figures like dinosaurs, puppets, skeletons, and ornaments. But there is no collection of models of a Barbie doll, Hot Wheels cars, etc which kids can make alone. On the other hand, the company says that it will add up the extra design models comprising of branded options at the later stage.

ThingMaker 3D Printer

  • This 3D printer is quite easy to understand for kids, but its software functioning can create a sense of confusion in their mind.

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Final Verdict

ThingMaker Company always tries to go beyond its boundaries through its innovative ideas and innumerable ways. The ThingMaker 3D Printer is fairly a revolutionary product which is a perfect combination of a toy as well as the digital device. This is for kids who are burgeoning “makers,” looking to experiment with fun DIY projects and maybe learn a thing or two about 3D design along the way. The ThingMaker process should get pretty exciting for creative kids who can make a wide range of customized figures, from dinosaurs to their own action figures with a variety of accouterments. The people, who wish to buy an inventive product for their kids, must go for this 3D printer for sure. Design your creatures on the ThingMaker Design app or export them straight from the cloud.