OOKU Creative 3D Printing Pen Kit Review

ooku creative 3d printing pen kitOOKU Creative 3D Printing Pen Kit Review – A 3d printing pen is an amazingly effective tool that helps in making drawings in the air with plastic material. It is up to the user how he/she manages to convert the plastic material into a virtual shape by applying it on the plain surface or in the air. On the contrary, the users may use it to add certain elevated attractive designs to their normal objects. By doing some daily practice, the user can increase its capability to build 3d drawings with the help of a 3D doodle pen.

One of the best 3D doodle pens launched is OOKU Creative 3D Printing Pen Kit. This 3D printing pen is intended, custom-made, and enhanced for routine designs with the assistance of a 3D Printing. It is a complete package doodle pen. The plastic from the 3D printing pen rapidly melt and cool down to building flexible constructions, forms as well as the outlines. The prototyping, pictures formation, as well as shaping, can be easily done with this OOKU Creative 3D Printing Pen Kit. It is the best medium to unleash the 3D art creativity of a person.

Features of OOKU Creative 3D Printing Pen Kit

The following are some features of the OOKUCreative 3D Printing Pen Kit which can help the user in knowing the product much better:

  • There is a usual apt design of this 3d printing pen that certifies that the pen fits perfectly into the hands of the user. It is just like holding a normal pen or a marker.
  • The plugin and the power on buttons of the 3D pen are very simple to use. In fact, the pen easily gets heated up so that the user can begin his/her creation.
  • The extrusion speeds can also be controlled in this 3D pen which benefits in an automatic inflow of the material. So, the user can easily control the temperature of the pen without any trouble.
OOKU 3D Printing Pen

OOKU 3D Printing Pen

  • The slim 0.7mm tip for the extrusion purposes takes accuracy as well as the itemizing to a different level.
  • The lesser temperature and the highest heat proficiency keep this 3D doodle pen quite cool and secure while using it with the porcelain head.
  • The smart technology of the 3d pen, i.e. automatic power cut after five minutes if the pen is idle, is also very beneficial to the user.
  • This 3D doodle pen is compatible with all the kinds of material i.e. ABS/PLA/ HIPS. The users can make use of any material which best suitable for their projects deprived of any difficulty.

OOKU 3D Printing PenSafety precautions to be followed

While using OOKU Creative 3D Printing Pen Kit, the user needs to follow some important instructions, which are given below:

  • This 3D doodle pen is appropriate for children as well as adults who are above the 8 years of age. But, supervision of small kids is mandatory while using this product.
  • The outer tip of the nozzle can touch 250 degrees Fahrenheit, so the user is required to keep their hands as well as fingers away from the tip in order to avoid any injury.

Benefits of Using OOKU Creative 3D Printing Pen Kit

OOKU 3D PenThe following are the benefits of this 3D printing pen:

  • Very comfortable to hold

This 3D printing pen is quite comfortable to hold and in creating various 3D objects and things. The user can join the different small parts and make a new bigger object from the s 3D pen.  The material used in printing can be ABS or PLA.

  • Manage easily

The pen possesses a very simple mechanism to use. The user just has to plug in the device, on the power switch and after selecting the type of material, the process of creation can be begin.

  • Lightweight

The OOKU Creative 3D Printing Pen Kit is a lightweight device which is very easy to carry and use.

ooku creative 3d printing pen kit

The manufacturer of this 3D doodle pen also offers a guarantee period of two years to its customers. In a case of any defect or problem, the product is instantly repaired or changed. So, the user can buy this 3Dprinting pen without any hesitation.

User Experience

These are people say about their experience of using the OOKU Creative 3D Printing Pen

Fabiola Saldivar

”  Great pen, I have the Lix pen and I love that design but it stopped working so I opted for giving this one a try since the price is very accessible. Great pen, WAY faster than the Lix and the features I love about this pen are:

-It goes into standby mode if you stop using it for a few minutes
-3 speeds
-Automatic extrusion can be tricky at first but it’s great for large scale projects so your hand doesn’t start shaking after pressing for so long.

I already used it for an extended period of time and it has been great so far!”

“Easy to use, just follow the directions. Also purchased extra strings to use since I wasn’t sure how long the ones that came with it would last. My granddaughter loved it!”
“This Creative 3D Printer Pen is amazing! I have seen the product on television thinking that it’s so neat! I’m glad I was able to receive this product. What I love about this product is that you can actually draw your shapes and sizes without worrying that it will break off or fall down. I’m in love with this pen. I’m learning how to make different designs and of course will be you tubing how to do other designs as well. This Creative 3D Printer Pen is also great for gifts. If you want to try something different, this is a definitely must try. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.”
Brittney E.
“This product is fun and easy to use! It comes with simple directions and a helpful youtube video online. I had never heard of such a product before, but with a little research, there is a lot of knowledge on what to look for. Luckily for you, I can name some pros about this product right now. It has great speed, that of which the plastic comes out. the base holds a pen up well and the plastic makes a large creative piece. I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a simple and easy to use a 3D pen.”