NEXTECH 3D Printing Pen Review

NEXTECH 3D Printing Pen ReviewNEXTECH 3D Printing Pen Review – A 3D (three-dimensional) pen is comparatively low-power-driven, the hand-held small printing device that can do 3D printing with PLA (Polylactic Acid) or ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene). It is basically the additive built-up corresponding to a router which allows the buyer to form creative models expanding their thoughts and a stable hand.  Nextech Systems, a leading provider of specialty-focused healthcare technology solutions for physician practices.

The 3D printer pen is normally advertised as creative devices since it provides an exceptional medium for creating 3D sculptures. On the other hand, 3D pens can similarly be utilized for decorative or renovation purposes or can also be implied in creating smaller parts for making bigger objects. One of the latest 3D printer pens that are launched is NEXTECH3D Printing Pen.





NEXTECH 3D Printing Pen Review NEXTECH 3D Printing Pen Check Price 3.4/5

Features of NEXTECH 3D Printing Pen

Below are some great features of the NEXTECH3D Printing Pen which make it different from the other 3D printing pens:

  • Use on the surface or in air

The plastic ink of this 3D printer pen which can be molten at an elevated temperature is used to build several kinds of 3D objects. It can be utilized to draw an object in the air or on the flat surface along with drawing objects on the paper.

  • NEXTECH 3D Printing PenHandy design

Owing to the new indentation design, equitable dispersal of buttons, lightweight feature, and finest material makes this 3d printing pen very easy to hold and stress-free to use. It is one of the lightest 3D pens which weighs around 55grams only.

  • Smart Control

There is a solitary press button for nonstop extruding movement for more comfort of drawing. There are eight digital controls for governing the speeds in order to get correct and steady extruding. The adjustment button swapped the filament of the pen easily.

  • Original branded Nozzle

This pen adopted the fixed connection which makes it more appropriate to preserve and also interchange. It is also the world’s 1st 3D printer pen with a smart temperature detecting mode. It is capable of retaining lower temperature in the tip of the pen to evade injury to the hands.

  • Compatibility and warranty

This 3D smartpen offers one year warranty to the user. It also changes to sleep mode if not use for more than a minute. It is the safest 3D printer pen which has a wooden filament.


  • It comes with an impressive nozzle.
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • Excellent temperature range.
  • Suitable for everyone from amateur to professional.
  • Built with an unclogging feature to prevent jamming.


  • Almost nothing.
NEXTECH 3D Printing Pen

NEXTECH 3D Printing Pen

Benefits of NEXTECH 3D Printing Pen

The benefits which a user gets after buying this best 3d printing pen are as follows:

  • Greater 3D Pen printing Quality

The NEXTECH3D Printing Pen always conduct brand research and also assess the undesirable issues related to the quality of the printing with the pen. It also helps the company in becoming a renowned trustworthy brand globally. So, the user can use his hands freely and easily for the smooth printing process.

  • NEXTECH 3D PenStress-free to troubleshoot issues

Sometimes when the user swaps dissimilar filament colors, certain deposit persist inside the pen and it might block the nozzle. But in this 3D printer pen, the user just needs to only press the two clips situated on the nozzle area and jerk it out to eradicate all the blocks from it.

  • A useful gadget for every age group

The NEXTECH3D Printing Pen is an appropriate device for any age group of people. The kids over and above the 8 years, as well as the adults, can use this gadget in any innovative way. Since there is no heating problem with this pen, a kid can also use this pen without any worry. This is the best 3D printing pen as it is tremendously lightweight as well as it is very easy to use. However, it requires some time to acquire a good method of using it perfectly, but as soon as you become familiar with the device, it can be a lot of fun. The user can make diversity of objects, for example, a cell phone case for keeping it safe.nex tech 3d printing pen

Final Verdict

This 3d printer pen has a 3d filament that liquefies and also spread over like an ink. It’s plastic cool down very rapidly and also halts in the place you set it. The speediness and also the hotness of the filament can be governed by means of the guidebook. Therefore, this device is highly recommendable to be purchased.