CreoPop 3D Cordless Printing Pen Review

CreoPop 3D Cordless Printing Pen CreoPop 3D Cordless Printing Pen Review – A creativity or imagination matters a lot when a person draws something. When a person is given freedom to draw anything by utilizing his/her creativeness, the outcome will be definitely amazing. A CreoPop 3D Cordless Printing Pen is one of the latest launched 3D pens which can draw numerous three-dimensional objects quite effortlessly. You just require pressing a button on the pen to make any kind of shape of your own choice.

This Creopop pen also encourages the imagination of an artist to a complete an outstanding level of the printing process. It is the 1st 3D printing pen that does creations with the cool ink. Creopop lets you draw three-dimensional objects with ease. It is not like other 3d drawing pens that possess hot zones, melting plastics or foul odor. In addition, This 3D printing pen has been manufactured around a captivating variety of rare inks along with the assurance of a more child-approachable hardware.







CreoPop 3D Cordless Printing Pen CreoPop 3D Cordless Printing Pen Check Price 3.1

Features of CreoPop 3D Cordless Printing Pen

There are some specifications of this 3d drawing pen which makes it different from the other 3D printing pens available in the market.

  • No foul smell

The CreoPop3DCordlessPrintingPen possesses no melting plastics with it. Therefore, there is no presence of the nasty smell or odor during the process of the 3D printing process.CreoPop 3D Cordless Printing Pen

  • Charged with mini-USB(Universal Serial Bus)

This 3D drawing pen can also be charged with a small USB port. It is not like other 3d printing pens which require a specific large size of charging ports.

  • Harmless for adults and children

This 3D printing pen is safe for the adult people and the kids also as there are no heating parts accessible with this pen. This unique feature enables the user to the emphasis on building graceful art designs without any tension of getting burnt.

  • Cordless 3D printing pen

One of the best features of this 3D drawing pen is that it is cordless i.e. it requires no power cable during the process of creating designs. It is a battery operated gadget. It can be charged by expanding a small USB attached to a power connector or PC. This feature assists in making designs without any tension of clumsy wires which may be a big hurdle in creating beautiful designs.CreoPop 3D Cordless Printing Pen

  • No utilization of thermoplastics

One more interesting feature of this 3D drawing pen is that it does not use thermoplastics. In fact, it utilizes photopolymers and light delicate ink that get hardens when open to LED electrodes. In general, the other printing pens functions with thermoplastics which makes the pens as warm as 275 degrees Celsius.

  • Longer-lasting life of the created object

The light-complex ink of this 3d drawing pen get toughens as soon as the UV sunlight falls on it. This yields a longer-lasting life of the product as compared to the other similar products available in the market.

  • Wonderful cool inks

The one more captivating feature of CreoPop3DCordlessPrintingPen is its choice of incredible cool inks. The objects made by this 3D drawing pen immediately cools down as the light fall on the ink of the design. The inks used in this 3D pen comprises of remarkable kinds of inks, for example, hotness delicate ink (varies with heat contact), sparkling pink, glimmering in the dim ink, magnetic ink, flexible ink; body dyes ink as well as perfumed ink. There is one edible ink choice also which is not harmful even if it swallowed by a person accidentally. Also, Each ink cartridge measures approximately 45ft (14 cm). So, all the above features make this 3D drawing pen quite attractive towards the buyers.

CreoPop 3D Cordless Printing Pen

CreoPop 3D Cordless Printing Pen


  • Unique design
  • Comes with scented ink that produces a pleasant odor and improves mood when drawing
  • Stuff drew using this pen manages to stay fresh for much longer when compared to other 3D pens


  • The ink is provided by the makers only. In case of an emergency fresh set of filaments won’t be easy.
  • Bulky and also heavy.

Users Experience

Kandi M. Fayard
” Super fun, relatively inexpensive, nice features & ease of use for creative individuals of all ages.”
“My daughter loves it. What a fun pen ;)”
“Kandi M. Fayard”
Super fun, relatively inexpensive, nice features & ease of use for creative individuals of all ages.

Final Verdict

If a person desires to draw a 3D galaxy and still aggravate his complete creativity perspective, then this 3d printing pen is the best choice for him. With this pen, a person can experience the imagination to the next high level by elaborating on his artistic talent in a new way. There is everything from glow in the dark ink to those that you can actually use on your body paint as temporary tattoos.

The best innovative technique to conglomerate the ability and also patience of a person can only be achieved with the help of CreoPop3DCordlessPrintingPen. Hence, this product is highly recommendable to buy as it is the best option available in the market currently at a very reasonable price.