Best Silicone 3D Printer |Is Silicone 3D Printing Possible?

Silicone printing is one of the most common types of 3D printing that you will ever come across. However, it is still seen as a helping hand in crafting a perfect 3D print. It is mostly used as a molding material to print with different materials easily. People use it to mold materials, as it is easy to remove from the final print. If you are looking for information related to the best silicone 3D printer, then you are in the right place.

However, the time has changed, and it is possible to use Silicone as a print filament with a 3D printer. There are different ways to use Silicone in 3D printing. You can use it just like any other material by taking proper considerations for its use.

In this article, we will discuss some crucial things to consider while printing with silicone. Additionally, we will review some printers, and you can find the best Silicone 3D 

printer for your home. 

Most of the people do not know about silicone printing as it is a new process. Unlike other filaments, silicone was considered an odd material to use for printing purposes. Its application was limited to the molting material used to provide support to the final print.

Silicone takes much more time in heating than most of the other materials. Due to this, people generally consider it not a choice for 3D printing. However, with some new advanced silicone 3D printer, they turned out to be a great thing. 

What is Silione 3D Printer?

A silicone 3D printer is a type of printer that is capable of printing objects with silicone. It became possible after the introduction of a technology that can heat it to be used in the printing process. 

However, these printers are limited to industrial uses and manufactured by two or three companies only. They have some great application and proves to be a useful technology for the advancement in healthcare and automobile technology.

Best Silicone 3D Printer Manufacturers

Although Silicone Printing is new, you can still find some silicone 3D printers to choose. Below are some of the best 3D silicone printer manufacturers producing commercial printers.

Wacker Chemie Ag Silicones

They are one of the first manufacturers of Silicone 3D printers. You can expect all the future technologies to have a link with their company as they are the one to introduce it. The best thing about Wacker Silicone is that they offer Silicone 3D printer parts to their customers. 

It means that you can easily create your Silicone printer by getting all the necessary parts. Additionally, you can get a new printer and avoid the problem of going through the whole setup process.

Their technology involves the use of UV rays with a new and effective solution. Converting it from the uncured state to the elastic state is the main benefit of the UV rays in the process.

Envision Tec 3D-Biopletter

Here is another great player in the 3D printing Silicone game. They have a line of printers that works for silicone printing. However, they are focused on creating solutions for the healthcare industry. 

These printers can be used to create tissues, organs, and other useful bioproducts. Envision Tec is open for new researches and experiments to explore new ways to 3D print Silicone. 

To achieve this goal, they have teamed up with different companies and have successfully completed multiple projects. 

From BioPrinting to Hearing Aid, they have been helping medical centers with their advanced technology. There are three main series of 3D print silicone printers that are available for commercial and other uses. 

Carbon 3D Silicone Printers

Carbon 3D is another name in the 3D silicone printing industry. They deal with different parts for 3D printers to create real and functioning parts. After years of researches, they have created a technology consisting of the maximum benefits of silicones and minimum drawbacks.

It may turn out as a great technology for different industries, as silicone printing has a lot of potential in the long run. The only problem was the drawbacks like the high melting point that has been resolved by them.

They claim that the silicone in their printing can extend up to 330% providing supporting flexibility options to the industries.

Silicone 3D printing Process

Silicone 3D printing is a complicated yet amazing printing technology that has scope to work for multiple industries. Right now, it works great for healthcare, Artificial Intelligence, and automotive industries. However, still it does not work for mass printing due to its limitations. 

The Silicone 3D printing is majorly carried out by two companies. They have introduced their printing technology. And the supporting materials for the filaments. It works on Digital Light Processing that works with Silicone Resins. 

It helps them keep the flexibility of the material that helps different industries with this property.

Many other companies are entering the SIlicone 3D printing and offering much better services to their users. 

However, the technology and the printing process varies from company to company as all of them have a different approach to its working.

Buying Guide

Buying the right silicone 3D printer is a challenging task. There is not much information available about those 3D printing silicone printers. However, you do not need to worry as this buying guide is all you need to choose the best silicone 3D printer for commercial use.

We have covered some of the main points that one should consider while choosing a silicone 3d printer.

Bio Compatibility

Silicone is one of the few materials that can be used to generate body implants as it is accepted by the different tissues. Hence, you must know if the printer is bio-compatible or not. A Silicone 3D printer without bio-compatibility is not something you would want to invest. 

It is not limited to the body parts as some other objects like hearing aid can be created with a Silicone printer. It is one of the reasons that make it the most popular feature of a Silicone 3D printer.


Silicone is a useful material for a steady temperature as it can hold it better than other materials. However, every 3D printer comes with a different range of temperature capabilities. Hence, you should look into it before choosing your next 3D printer.

The best example of this feature is the automobile sector that has to print at a very high temperature to get the idol parts.


You may not find a lot of 3D silicone printers to compare for the price. Hence, you must know the average cost of a Silicone 3D printer to make the right deal. You can check the above printers to get an idea of how much you should pay for a silicone printer. 

Additionally, you can understand it by comparing how much does a 3D printer cost for commercial and personal use.

The material cost is another thing to consider as you will need to refill the filaments now and then. Hence, looking at the one-time investment is not a proper way to find the right price for a printer.


Want to print a transparent object? There is no better option than Silicone for it. You can create transparent objects with these 3D printers at a very affordable rate.

The best application of Silicone 3D printing is the Silicone lenses that turned out as a great alternative to the glass lenses. Unlike them, Silicone lenses can resist the scratches and are way more durable.

Strength & Flexibility

Silicone is one of the few materials that is Strong and flexible at the same time. We rarely see these properties at the same time that makes it a suitable material for 3D printing. Hence, you should always look for the Printer’s capabilities to print with Silicone.

Bed Glass Covering

Silicone requires a comparatively higher heating level than other filaments. Hence, the 3D printer may involve some heating processes in the printing. Going for the printer with a covered Bed is a choice for the beginners. Additionally, most of the glass chambers have UV rays that make it for the printer to use the material.

It may be a luxury for other printers, but it is a requirement in the 3D silicone printer. Hence, you should look out for this feature while choosing your next 3D printer.

Is 3D printing possible with silicone?

Yes, different companies have introduced Silicone 3D printing that works great for detailed printing. However, it is limited to commercial use in some of the leading industries.

Is 3D printing with Silicone a good choice?

We have seen some great advancements in 3D printing with Silicone, in the past few years. We believe that it is gonna be much better. And effective than other 3D printing options.

How to Buy Silicone Filament for 3D printers?

There are only limited companies manufacturing Silicone filament for printers. Hence, they are not available in the market. However, you can contact the manufacturer with your requirements and make a suitable deal with them.

What is Liquid Injection Molding?

Liquid Injection Molding is another great way to use 3D silicone printing technology. This method helps to mold the material in the liquid form for the easy processing of the printing with Silicone.