Best 3D Printer For Miniatures 2020

Best 3D Printer for Miniatures

Getting a miniature is a dream for a lot of people. However, the expensive costs make you reconsider your decision. Luckily, the 3D printers have made it easier to get one at an affordable price. There are different types of 3D printers that can print miniatures with different materials.

In this article, we are going to review the best 3D printers for miniatures and a buying guide to choose the right one for you. 

Printing the miniatures is a complex process and requires proper focus and the right 3D printer to process it. The different combinations of technology and material make it even harder to choose the best 3D printer for miniatures.

That is why we have prepared a buying guide for our readers that covers every factor you need to consider while buying a printer.

Best 3D Printer For Miniatures at Glance

Product Name  Filament Type Features Price
AnyCubic Photon- 3D printer For Miniatures ABS Affordable
Compact Design
Check Price
Creality CR-10 3D printer for Miniatures ABS Extended Build Volume
Additional Attachments
Check Price
BIBO 3D Printer for Miniatures ABS, Wood Touch Screen
Advanced Controls
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 MonoPrice Mini Delta- 3D Printer ABS, HIPS Fast Printing
Light Weight 
Check Price
Sindoh DP200 for 3D miniatures  ABS   Detachable Printing Beds
Less Heating Time
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 FlashForge Creator Pro PLA, ABS Easy to use
No Setup Cost
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Comgrow Creality Ender 3 for 3D miniature  PLA Affordable
Automatic Printing
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#1 AnyCubic Photon– 3D printer For Miniatures

If you are in a hurry, then look no more and go for this 3D printer for miniatures. This printer by AnyCubic has all the features that you may look for in a printer. It works on the DLP technology using a liquid photopolymer resin to print the miniatures.

It works by using the UV rays as a light source to print the miniature with the liquid resin. That is why it is a bit expensive than most of the other printers that work on FDM technology. 

We gave it the first spot on our list because its precision and resolution work great with the tiny details. Hence, this is something that you look for a 3D miniature printing business. 

The most exciting thing about this 3D printer is its 2K screen that allows you to check the progress and fill in the print settings manually.

This printer is ready to use and requires you to plug an SD card or a USB and start printing miniatures with detailed quality.


  • Affordable price with all the required features for miniature printing
  • Compact design with easy to use quality
  • Pre Assembled Design with minimum setup requirements
  • High print quality with detailed resolution


  • The Resin Odor may annoy you a bit.

#2 Creality CR-10 3D printer for Miniatures

CR-10 creality is a suitable printer to print miniature with high volume capabilities. It is preferred by most of the professionals as it can work with the game terrains and props as well. We love its traditional look with an attractive design that makes it one of its kind.

However, it may take a little more space than the regular 3D printers due to its large size.

You can use its 0.4mm nozzle to print with the resolution of 100 microns. It is more than what you can ever need to get a miniature.

We recommend this printer for commercial use as it can work for more than 200 hours without any break. It is because of the fact that it can distribute the heat on the surface glass in a perfect manner.

The connectivity option is the regular SD card and USB devices. It comes with a plug n print technology that requires no additional efforts by your side.


  • Extended Build Volume for Miniatures and game terrains
  • Additional Equipment for various printing options
  • Unique Design


  • It may take a longer time to heat up the bed than the regular 3D printers.

#3 BIBO 3D Printer for Miniatures

It is the most versatile printer that works great with leather, ABS plastic, wood, and paper. Although it is a great 3D printer, we believe that a beginner may not consider this one. It is because they may find it complicated to use and end up making things worse.

However, a person with prior experience in using 3D printers will find a great pick for their commercial or personal use. It has a detector that pauses the printing when it finds the filament is getting empty. Another great feature is its WiFi connectivity that sends notifications on your smartphone about the printing progress.

Isn’t it great to receive notifications from your printer on your device?

Being able to control the printing from your computer gives you a whole new experience of using the 3D printers. We were shocked by its laser engraving technology that works great on wood and other materials.

Probably, you will never want to replace this printer with some other technology.


  • Advanced control and monitoring feature
  • Ensure that the filament spool is always filled for proper printing
  • Touch Screen Display to operate it conveniently


  • Not a great pick for the beginners

#4 MonoPrice Mini Delta- 3D Printer

If you are a beginner and want to get into the 3D printing business, then this small 3d printer is the right choice for you. This 3D printer for miniatures provides full versatility with convenient usage. The printer may not compete with others in the size and volume, but it is always a winner when it comes to the printing speed. 

It can print to as much as 28mm miniatures following the detailed printing process. Additionally, you can use this 50 macron 3D printer to get more work done in less time. Hence, we recommend it for commercial use that requires a large volume of miniatures in the minimum time.

As it is marketed for the beginning, there is an automatic bed leveling feature to make it easier to use. However, one can still carry out the manual configuration process for the leveling.

The attractive and lightweight design of this small 3D printer makes it a great pick for the people with less storage space. It is too light that you can carry it wherever you go to get some instant miniature printing on the go.


  • Faster printing process with up to 50 macrons printing
  • Removable plate for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Lightweight and small 3D printer.


  • Not suitable for heavy work and heavily detailed miniature printing.

#5 Sindoh DP200 for 3D miniatures

A great pick for those looking to print some highly-detailed miniatures. The bed is heated at the right point and works great with ABS plastic and PLA. It is something that you can rarely find in a 3D printer. Another unique aspect is its design that comes in a closed box giving an attractive look to the printer.

It keeps the temperature stable and ensures that no heat transmission takes place. The print quality is great due to the non-interference of the atmosphere heat in the process. Additionally, there is a filter that traps the ABS plastic flames from going into the atmosphere.

It is a complete package making it one of the best 3d printer for miniatures of different types. You get three detachable print beds that can be swapped for a faster printing process with the specific needs.

It comes with a standard nozzle size of 0.4mm that can stand high temperatures. Additionally, it supports 200x200x185mm printing with 50 microns.

The five-inch screen of this printer allows you to transfer the files and configure the printing process conveniently.


  • Detachable printing beds for different printing.
  • Box packed printer to avoid the atmospheric heat involvement in the process
  • Take less time to warm up for printing


  • Does not include SD card Slot for easy print sharing

#6 FlashForge Creator Pro

Are you looking for a closed printer with more build volume? 

Search no more as FlashForge Creator pro is there to help you out. We are love with this printer as it works great with the miniatures. You can use it the print supporting material along with the two-colored printing at the same time. 

It works on the PVA filaments, and you can easily remove the supporting material by placing it in the water. This printer is all over the market due to is ABS and PLA filaments compatibility.

We were disappointed with the fact there is no WiFi connectivity, and you need to do everything manually. You need to use the SD card slots to transfer the files and prints. Other than that, it is a great 3D printer that can help you get some miniatures in a short time.


  • Easy to use and constant performance throughout the uses
  • Heated Platform for faster printing
  • No setup cost as it is ready to use from the box


  • Limited Connectivity options 

#7 Comgrow Creality Ender 3 for 3D miniature

Here is another 3D printer from the Creality manufacturers. The Comgrow creality Ender 3 is a great 3D printer for printing the miniatures. You can get it for less than $200 while getting all the crucial features of a 3D printer.

This mini 3D printer is power cut-resistant and provides a reliable way to print the miniatures. The model has been upgraded, eliminating all the risk factors from this printer. One of its previous models had some risks including the open design of the printer. However, this one looks much better compared to its predecessor.

It requires somewhere around 2 hours to assemble the printer. Some people may call it faster than the other printers. But we believe that there could have been some advancement in the assembly process. Other than that, the printer is good and does what it promises.

We recommend this mini 3D printer for those with a tight budget as it is one of the most affordable 3D printing miniatures.


  • Automatic printing after a power cut to resume the print
  • One of the most affordable 3D printer
  • Faster healing process


  • There was a slight wobble in the process

Buying Guide for the best 3D printer for Miniatures

Having a buying guide ensures that you get the best 3D printer for miniatures that suits your needs. This buying guide has covered some of the factors that mattered to be and will help you get the right printer.

Printer Technology

There are 3D printers that come with different types of technologies. Hence, choosing a versatile printer for the miniatures is a great hack to get better results with minimum investment. Just check the technology and find out what type of filament they use for printing.

We recommend going for the Digital Light Processing (DLP) or Stereolithography (SLA) to get a detailed print of the miniatures.

Printing Precision and Resolution

To get the high-quality prints of the mini-sized creatures, you need to consider the precision of your next 3D printer. The laser resolution decides how much detail you can get in a small-sized print. 

For example- Getting the details like eyeshade and nose cut requires a better laser resolution. A printer with a lower resolution can print the miniatures. However, it may not cover all the details you wanted to add in your 3D miniatures.

Additionally, the height of the layers depends on the precision of the printer. However, the lower number represents better-detailed printing with a comparatively slower rate. 

The precision includes the Nozzle Diameter that decides the amount of heated plastic hold by the printer to create the layers. The best way to tackle this factor is to get a printer with an adjustable nozzle from 0.4mm to 0.2mm.

The best 3d printer for miniatures can offer 0.2mm nozzle diameter.


Usually, the 3D printers that you use to print miniatures require more effort. Hence, choosing a printer that can save you time and money is a favorite pick for miniature printing. The FFF printers require you to perform some post-processing tasks to get the proper detailing of the print.

Using the ABS plastic does not require you to perform much detailing after the printing process. Hence, you can consider the printer using this material for a smooth surface with minimum efforts. 

On the other hand, PLA+ printers allow you to remove the support material leaving the smooth miniature surface. 

 SLA printers work with liquid resin to create a metal miniature with minimum efforts.


Price is undoubtedly one of the most crucial factors in buying a 3D printer. You can match the printer with your budget and go through its features to find out whether it justifies its price or not. Usually, you will find one or two of the best 3D printers for miniatures that provide detailed printing at an affordable rate. 

Note: You can check our recommendations that fulfill all these factors and help you decide the best 3D printer for miniatures.


What 3D printer is best for miniatures?

It depends on the print requirements for the miniatures. Every printer has unique features to print with different materials. Matching your requirements with the printer features is the best way to find the best 3D printer for miniatures.

How long does it take to print a 3D miniature?

The size and the print quality decides the time taken to print a 3D miniature. It also depends on the printer’s speed and the material used. 

However, the standard time to print a miniature range between 5-20 minutes.

How to download miniatures to print with a 3D printer?

Some websites allow you to download the miniatures to print with your 3D printer. Just download them and print them by using an SD card or a USD device. However, getting the right quality is crucial for printing as it requires tiniest details for the miniature printing.

Is 3D printing works with Plastic only?

No, 3D printing is an advanced technology that works with different materials. You can use ABS plastic, liquid resins, polyamide, and other materials. However, it is crucial to go through the printing features to know what materials it can support.

What is the ideal resolution to print miniatures with a 3D printer?

Using the higher resolution for the 3D printing allows you to get better printing quality. Generally, a 50 microns setting can give you a detailed miniature print with basic requirements. However, if there are some tiny details, then you can go as far as 100 microns for printing.

How much is the average cost to print a 3D miniature?

The average printer and material cost determines the final cost of printing 3D miniatures. An unpainted miniature can cost somewhere between $5-$10 with details and finishing. It is better to check the printer’s guide to knowing its accurate cost per printing.

What to look for in a 3D printer?

There are different factors as printer technology, materials used, precise, resolution, and price. You can refer to our buying guide to get a detailed explanation of all the factors. And what to expect from a 3D printer.


Getting your 3D printer to print miniatures can change the way you work. It is far more affordable to get it printed through different vendors as they charge unreasonably high prices. However, the only problem is the lack of knowledge while getting the right 3D printer for miniatures.

In this article, we have covered the seven best 3d printers for miniatures that you can use at your home. You can find printers with different technologies to choose from. Additionally, you can decide what type of material you are going to use for the miniatures.

Just go through them and find the best 3d printer for printing miniatures from any website.